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Remy’s artistic abilities began to take shape by chance in 1996, the year in which he moved to Cuenca (Spain) to carry out his professional work as a sign language interpreter. Perhaps, his artistic wordless expression is responsible for achieving the perfect communication between brush and spatula and has defined his personal style throughout his entire career.

Remy’s work is easily recognizable. In constant thematic evolution, but with a unique and personal style, the artist captures his ideas on a black background with few strokes that come to life, achieving the perfect communion between simplicity and movement so difficult to find today. Absolute luminosity on a dark base in an inexhaustible waste of talent that has surprised renowned critics all over the worldexpress so much with great simplicity.That is the main characteristic that differentiates his work making him one of the most creative and sought-after artists of the moment.

But Remy always goes further. A nonconformist and constantly evolving artist, he exports his personal ideas from canvas to sculpture. With iron found in junkyards and unusable pieces of scrap, he is capable of making amazing sculptures.